CBSE 10th Board Exam 2024: 30 Day Preparation Plan to Excel in Exams

Hello Readers, Welcome To JK Student Update! In this article, I, Mufayaiz Wani, will guide you through a comprehensive 30-day preparation plan for the CBSE Class 10 Board Exam 2024 to achieve above 90% marks.

CBSE 10th Board Exam 2024

The January mid is here, and with just 30 days left for the exams starting on February 15, 2024, it’s crucial to maximize efforts. Here’s a structured study plan to assist you in subject-wise preparations.

Days 1-5: Understanding the Syllabus

Mathematics (3 hours): Review algebra and geometry, solve NCERT exercise questions.

Science (3 hours): Go through Physics, Chemistry, and Biology syllabus, list important formulas.

Social Science (3 hours): Review History, Geography, Civics, and Economics syllabus.

English (1.5 hours): Review literature and grammar syllabus, read prescribed chapters.

Days 6-10: Set Realistic Goals

Mathematics (3 hours): Set daily goals for each chapter, focus on problem-solving.

Science (3 hours): Set achievable targets for each subject, solve sample papers.

Social Science (3 hours): Set goals for sub-divisions, familiarize with important topics.

English (1.5 hours): Set manageable targets for revision, practice writing essays.

Days 11-15: Focus on Weak Areas

Mathematics (3 hours): Identify weak chapters, seek help, and clear doubts.

Science (3 hours): Focus on weaker chapters, use additional study materials.

Social Science (3 hours): Focus on weaker sections, revisit key concepts.

English (1.5 hours): Summarize chapters, solve grammar exercises.

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Days 16-20: Practice with Previous Years’ Papers

Mathematics (3 hours): Solve previous years’ question papers, practice time management.

Science (3 hours): Solve sample papers, pay attention to diagram-based questions.

Social Science (3 hours): Practice map-based questions, utilize toppers’ answer sheets.

English (1.5 hours): Solve sample papers, analyze mistakes for improvement.

Days 21-25: Revise Regularly

Mathematics (3 hours): Review key formulas and concepts, solve complex questions.

Science (3 hours): Revise definitions, terms, and concepts, use revision notes.

Social Science (3 hours): Regularly review all subjects, use mind maps for quick revision.

English (1.5 hours): Review literature and grammar rules, revise important themes.

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Days 26-28: Mock Tests

Mathematics (3 hours): Take full-length mock tests, review mistakes.

Science (3 hours): Simulate exam conditions, identify areas for improvement.

Social Science (3 hours): Take mock tests, practice answer-writing, and case studies.

English (1.5 hours): Take full-length mock tests, focus on time management.

Day 29: Final Revision

Mathematics (3 hours): Take a final review of all chapters, quick revision of formulas.

Science (3 hours): Revise Physics, Chemistry, and Biology for the last time, focus on important concepts.

Social Science (3 hours): Go through key topics and major chapters, revise important dates and events.

English (1.5 hours): Review rules for determiners, tenses, modals, etc.

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Day 30: Light Revision and Relaxed Attitude

  1. Avoid studying new topics.
  2. Engage in light activities to relax the mind.
  3. Ensure a good night’s sleep for optimal performance in the board exam the next day.

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