Exciting Update on Winter Vacation 2023: Latest News and Details

Srinagar: Hello Readers, Welcome to JK Student Update. In this article, I, Danish Ahmad, am thrilled to bring you the latest developments regarding the Winter Vacation 2023 in Jammu and Kashmir. A recent update from Aazan Manzoor, dated November 20th, reveals the current considerations by the Jammu and Kashmir government concerning winter vacations for primary and lower classes amidst the freezing weather conditions.

Consideration for Winter Vacation

Amidst the bone-chilling weather conditions prevailing in the Kashmir Valley, the Jammu and Kashmir government, as shared by Principal Secretary Education Alok Kumar, is contemplating the possibility of granting winter vacations specifically targeted at the lower and primary classes. Kumar stated to the Daily Spark that the government is actively considering implementing a vacation for these classes due to the severe weather conditions.

Exciting Update on Winter Vacation 2023: Latest News and Details

 Pending Order and Urgency

Alok Kumar further emphasized that an official order regarding the proposed winter vacation for the lower and primary classes is expected imminently. The urgency to address this matter promptly stems from the plummeting temperatures and the prevalent dense fog in the Kashmir valley over the past week.

Stakeholder Requests and Concerns

In addition to the government’s considerations, both the Parents-Teachers Association of Jammu and Kashmir (PSAJK) and concerned parents have fervently appealed to the authorities to prioritize the implementation of winter vacations for the lower and primary classes. The collective appeal underscores the severity of the weather conditions and the necessity to ensure the safety and well-being of the students during this challenging period.

Important Note

The prospect of winter vacations for primary and lower classes has gained significant momentum, considering the extreme weather conditions that have gripped the Kashmir Valley. Stay tuned to JK Student Update for further updates and insights into this developing situation.

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  1. There should be vacation for primary classes. This time it is very hectic job for mother’s to woke their little kid’s in early morning. 😢

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